Four Tips for Professional Photos with a Phone





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From year to year cameras on the phones become better, and they allow taking quite professional photos for personal use and for business. It doesn’t’ matter whether iPhone or Android cameras are used, the following pieces of advice will help to take sharper and clearer pictures that will look professionally and will be appreciated by people.

1. Light painting
Photography itself can be described as capturing how the light lies on the subject. That’s why it’s of key importance to have enough light. The greatest subjects will look bad without it. The best pictures using smartphones can be taken in natural light. As for built-in flash, it usually doesn’t help to get a good image. There are a “golden hours” for taking outside photos – time before sunset and after sunrise. The light will be the best. But if you take pictures during the day, notice where and how the light and the shadows are. If you learn to control the light and the angle of shooting, you’ll be able to paint with the help of light.

2. Creating composition
To take a photo that will differ from any others even if the object and space are the same the composition can help. To use it, find grid lines in the phone camera settings. There is so called “the rule of thirds”, according to which human eyes usually look at places where the lines cross. Use this principle and look at the grid lines when taking a photo. To make your shot look more unique try to use different angles and don’t forget about the background. Check if there are details that can spoil the image.

3. Using helpful tools
You might have never known that it’s possible to use headphones for taking good photos. It works for many modern smartphone that you can use the volume buttons to take a picture instead of the screen button. It can help to get a photo that’ll be more steady and sharp. Especially beneficial it will be to combine such method with a tripod.

4. Artistic editing
The important thing that distinguishes great photo from an ordinary one is the process of editing. Instagram’s popularity taught that using filters can make a photo much more interesting. Now there are a lot of applications for editing pictures. Among the most popular are Snapseed, Lightroom, VSCO, but there are a lot of such apps actually. Using one or several of them you can, for example, crop photos, bring out color, add shadows or make the shots look warmer or sharpener. So, these four simple tips will help your photos to become much more professional.

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15 Jul, 2019 08:57

I knew only the first and the forth ones, now I’ll try to use earphones and grid lines too, thanks!)

15 Jul, 2019 10:48