Religion and Modernity





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It’s not a secret for anyone that religion is not the least thing in the life of every human and state as a whole. It was always necessary for a human to be confident in the power of the Lord. It’s because in all unclear situations people appealed exactly to Him. But in modern society science and technology are rapidly developing; politics stands at the main position. A person doesn’t need explanation of the origin of life anymore. And for solving worldly problems a lot of services have appeared. And in such case is there room for religion left?

Many years ago A. Comte expressed the law of three stages where it was told that science would triumph over religion. But of course, Comte understood that humanity needs an example of justice, goodness and altruism. Without religion the humanity just won’t be able to survive. D. Bonhoeffer explained future decline of religion with the fact that due to science modern human won’t need a religious version of creation of the world.

According to K. Marx religion is “false consciousness” which harbors the hard truth about the exploitation of a human by a human and a lie. He believed that religion hinders adequate understanding of life. It directs person’s efforts and thoughts towards gaining the Kingdom of Heaven and prevents building communism as an ideal way of living on Earth. Religion changes people’s values. They abandon earthly possessions in favor of spiritual ones. Some religious prohibitions infringe the rights of people and contradict to laws.

Over time religious content began to leave secular world. Christmas and Easter became more commercial holidays than spiritual. And going to church for some people is already a kind of tradition and not a ritual. But Marx’s forecast hasn’t materialized, and in the 21st century religion has only reinforced its positions. Religion is an important element of social life and culture. It’s a development factor for all the civilizations. There wouldn’t be a society without it. The place of religion in people’s life is determined by different reasons ranging from the level of development of the society to political affiliation.

After all, religion is necessary for the society for the sense of community, spiritual understanding of a human and ethical studies. If the religious consciousness of a human, he won’t be able to deal with life’s challenges. Morality will disappear and crime rate in the society will increase. Religion is a moral and spiritual force defining the vector of social development. Despite all the predictions, there is still a room for religion in the modern world.

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05 Jul, 2019 13:15

I think religions in general exist out of time, though some aspects concerning outward manifestation or something like that may gradually change.

05 Jul, 2019 14:02

In my opinion, religion will exist for ever, really) If it wasn’t important for people, it would just disappear being replaced with only science, philosophy or psychology, for example.

09 Jul, 2019 21:32