April Fools’ Jokes in the Media: Part 2





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So, we continue to share with you top 10 jokes that made history. Here are five more.

6. Maradona is a new Spartak player
In 1998 in the newspaper Izvestie there was an article with the information about negotiations between Diego Maradona and Russian football team Spartak. It was told that team management was ready to pay 6 million dollars to Maradona if he agreed to play in their team. Though the newspaper confessed that it had made an April Fools’ joke, the news had enough time to be published by Associated Press agency.

7. Buy a machine gun and in such way you’ll help the poor
In 1999 the newspaper Phoenix New Times informed about the launching of a fund for supporting needy people. But the aim of the fund had a strange difference: for the money saved it was planning to buy neither clothes, nor property or food for homeless people. The readers were offered to donate money for the arming of the homeless. The newspaper with this article was distributed nationwide. Imagine that there were people who even transferred money to the fund’s account.

8. Grenades with diamonds
In 90s many agencies were writing about the adventures of Russian bandits. In 1996 the Russian News Agency TASS announced about the production on one of the weapons factories of a new kind of hand grenades where diamonds will be encrusted. “Having detonated such a grenade, you’ll leave your enemy not in a dull puddle of blood, but literally in magnificent diamonds”, was told by agency. 

9. Dismantlement of the Eiffel Tower
In 1986 in the Paris newspaper Le Parisien an article came out, which shocked the readers by strange news. According to the French Government there was taken a decision to dismantle the Eiffel Tower. Subsequently, they were going to transport the disassembled tower to Disneyland and to assemble it there. And at the place of the Eiffel Tower reportedly it was planning to found a sports complex for the Olympic Games.

10. An enormous Swiss crop of noodles
In 1957 BBC Television broadcast a story about a bumper crop of noodles. According to English journalists, the Swiss couldn’t find a place to keep all the harvest. An emotional tornado followed that report. The citizens were just hanging up the phones, trying to get through to the television and to know a secret of noodles’ growing, for what they were given a diplomatic answer to take a noodle, to throw it into a can with tomatoes and not to give up hope.

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14 Jun, 2019 03:34

Haha.)) Good sense of humor. But my favorite joke is that connected with Pepsi and radio programme)

14 Jun, 2019 12:20

Really wonder how people could believe in a crop of noodles!)

14 Jun, 2019 20:24