Men’s Business Style Fashion Trends in 2019





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The most popular fabrics in new season will be suede, corduroy and velvet. It is necessary to opt for neutral shades; more preferable is to choose fashionable colors like burgundy, dark blue, dark purple. The image can be revived with bright accessories. It is important to decide on the type of business style that suits you.

Office style
To choose an appropriate office image is one of the most difficult tasks concerning men’s wardrobe. If your work dress code doesn’t oblige to wear a shirt of a certain color, then you can experiment and opt for different colors. In such case it’s important not to step across the line of the business style. An image can be diluted with a bag or a strap made of genuine leather or thin suede.

Strict style
Strict business style has many familiar elements to a conservative type. Here fashionable trends take a back seat. A shirt to fit the costume should be chosen of white or pale blue color, and the suit should fit perfectly. The accessories should be expensive and high-quality.
Sports business style
This style will be perfect for active men. Sports business style implies adding non-formal footwear (from strict boots to sneakers), trousers (jeans are possible) and a bright shirt to a jacket.

Casual business style
Casual style will be appropriate in this type. The bottom part can be varied and diverse; it can be skinny trousers or jeans, and the footwear is better to be comfortable. The preference can be given to sneakers or gym shoes. A jacket’s presence is not necessary; it can be replaced with a fashionable vest, jumper or sweater.

Semi business style
Semi business style will be a great fit for informal events, where it is not necessary to wear a tie. A jacket and formal footwear remain necessary attributes. A color shirt can be worn to dissolute dull image. Men dressed in such style easier win over the society.

Smart business style
A smart business image draws attention to itself at once, as it is not a standard set of gray jackets and white shirts. Here one can feel free to apply fashionable trends. To a brown suede jacket a dark blue shirt, jeans and footwear matching the color of the jacket will fit perfectly. The simplicity of the image is the cardinal rule of a classy man.

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13 Jun, 2019 01:31

I like sports business style! It's interesting and fresh)

13 Jun, 2019 09:31

It seems, every kind of business style makes a man look amazing...of course, depends on a man, and whether the clothes suit)

14 Jun, 2019 20:27