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Thunderstorm is an atmospheric phenomenon as beautiful as far as it is dangerous. What are safety measures? What can be the consequences of non-compliance with these measures? Not many people, probably, think about these issues and not many people know the answers to them. A thunderstorm is essentially a natural phenomenon, which is accompanied by heavy rainfall, strong wind, lightning strikes and claps of thunder. A lightning is an integral part of a thunderstorm; it is a high-voltage electric shock that can sometimes become a reason of ignition. Lightning is on average about 1,5 miles long.

What means a lightning strike for a human?
During the lightning strike a human will feel a sudden muscle contraction. First of all, respiratory system’s organs will suffer. Sudden muscle contraction will entail multiple bone fractures, because there will be an enormous impact on them. Deafening, paralysis and a fatality can be possible.

If you are in open terrain
Primarily, you need to determine how far the lightning from you is, there is a special formula for it: 1 second = 328 yards. It means that if you hear a clap of thunder and in 3 seconds you see a bolt of lightning, then it is at a distance of 984 yards from you.

Where to find shelter
- The safest place in open terrain is under small bushes.
- If there only trees, you need to lie down between them (provided that the distance between trees is not less than 6 yards) and to curl up. But it is necessary to be careful with this method because a lightning is one of the causes of fires in the forest.
- Don’t make a fire before the thunderstorm is fully over. 

If you are near a pond
- As it is known, water is an excellent conductor of electricity. If you see a thunderstorm beginning, it is mandatory to get to shore.
- If possible, go further from the shore and don’t get into the tent.
- If you are in a boat, get out the wet clothes and sit down on a dry place. If possible, get rid of metallic items and turn off electronic devices.

If you are in a room
A room is the safest place. But there is a risk of getting of a fireball inside.
- Close the windows and the doors. Don’t stay near the windows.
- Turn off electronic appliances.

If you see a fireball
- Such lightning doesn’t exist longer than two minutes.
- Try not to move and to calm down.
- Don’t through anything into a fireball, in contact with objects it blows up.

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08 Jun, 2019 01:27

I'd be surely scared to be in an open place during thunderstorm! To see a fireball im my room either:)

11 Jun, 2019 14:28

And I like to watch thunderstorms. From some safe places, of course)

14 Jun, 2019 20:21