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The most beautiful woman of Hollywood Angelina Jolie has not the best time at present. In her life the woman was married three times, but the last divorce proceedings with Brad Pitt had a significant and not the best impact on actress’s health. Despite the fact that the couple has six children two of which are common, Jolie and Pitt decided to separate. From the very beginning of the divorce proceedings spouses were telling some unflattering things to each other, couldn’t decide on their child’s custody and blamed each other for absurd actions. There were rumors that Angelina still hoped to return Pitt, but it didn’t work out and two years later after applying for the termination of marriage, the celebrity couple got finally divorced.

Such end of the family life has shattered not only morale, but also physical condition of the famous actress. It has become known that the woman has already written a will and it has much bothered her fans. All her inheritance Jolie decided to leave to her eldest son Maddox who was in recent years with his mother and supported her during the divorce proceedings.

Why Angelina Jolie decided to write her will right now has become clear after her candid interview, where she shared her plans to raise children alone and told what was going on with her health. A stressful situation which was caused by the divorce with Brad Pitt led to worsening of all the actress’s diseases. In 2013 on the basis of sequencing results it turned out that the actress has BRCA1 gene mutation and the risk of breast and ovarian cancer is too high. After such report the actress made a decision to remove her breasts and ovaries.
Now after the difficult period she has developed hypertension, bipolar disorder and as it has become known after the writing of wills, Jolie is developing the Bell’s palsy. The actress sounded the alarm herself when she noticed turning down of the corners of her lips and immediately went to a clinic where this diagnosis was made. The doctors make optimistic predictions because 80% of patients are successfully cured. Jolie has already completed the course of acupuncture that has a bit reanimated actress’s facial expressions. Such illness, according to the experts, could be caused by ovaries and breasts removal surgery as well as nervous tension related with the last divorce.

Presence of a disease has also had an impact on actress’s appearance; she has more gray hair and dry skin, but Angelina Jolie is not going to give up, she has already planned a long-lasting treatment in order to be able to take care of children at full capacity in the future.

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05 Jun, 2019 22:03

Poor Angie. I wish her to get better.

12 Jun, 2019 13:07

One of my favorite actresses, I'd like to see her in new projects and I'm sure she'll overcome all the problems.

14 Jun, 2019 20:18

She's so strong, I think she will recover.

15 Jun, 2019 04:58