Investing in a Mining Farm






Investing in a Mining Farm

Let's start with analysis of the "mining" notion (from English mining - extraction of minerals) - the process of creating new structures to support the operation of cryptocurrency platforms. More often mining is a series of computational operations with finding parameters for the selection of an array of data with the mentioned characteristics.
Let us consider in detail pros and cons of this method of interaction with the cryptocurrency and further earnings.
Negative points:
1. Big spending. One mining-farm costs 150-200 thousand rubles.
2. Time expenses. Self-collection of the farm involves a large waste of time. We need to buy special equipment, to evaluate the profitability.
3. Monitoring the work of the farm. Due to the frequent change in the exchange rate, the complexity of the work increases. Continuous monitoring of the system is necessary to find  and buy money at the most profitable rate.
4. A mining farm location. It requires industrial premises and powerful electrical equipment. Farm produce quite loud noises. So, it is needed a remote location.
Positive moments:
1. Stable profit. The earned currency will arrive every day.
2. Quick payback. Mining-farm should pay off in 4-5 months, taking into account all related costs.
3. Work on the mining farm can continues for a long time. The extraction is actual, as long as the electricity bill pays off.

Based on these comparisons we can conclude that investing money in mining farms creates a large number of difficulties, but certainly this is long-range process. There are other ways of investing, for example, buying power in cloud mining.
There are a small number of services that are really capable of extracting and guiding. Most companies have already sold all available capacities, because of this the choice of where else you can buy currency is not that big now.
These services eliminate most of the problems of home mining farms, since it is possible to invest the amount that is right for you, and there is no need for constant monitoring of the farm, there is no noise, wasting energy. These facts make a big advantage.
But still  the equipment is taken on lease and, therefore, after some time you will lose it. But do not forget, rent is always cheaper than buying.


30 Jul, 2018 10:56