Björn Straustrup regrets using C ++ in bitcoin code





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Computer scientist Bjorn Straustrup does not believe in the future of the first cryptocurrency. The scientist explain his opinion by the fact that the proof that Bitcoin will soon disappear completely is the high energy consumption and the use of currency in fraudulent transactions.

The creator of the programming language also said that he deeply regreted that C ++ was used when writing the source code of bitcoin.

The programmer noted that it was difficult not to notice how the demand for the first cryptocurrency was rapidly falling, which would soon lead to the uselessness and disappearance of bitcoin.

Blockchain, from the point of view of a scientist, is a perfect invention, but, according to Strautrup, people use these technologies only with respect to cryptocurrencies, although they can also find a more reasonable application.

The fact that Bitcoin is the most preferred cryptocurrency for hackers and other criminals is indicated in the latest report, which has been prepared by Europol experts. On the black market, transactions involving bitcoin per year have exceed $ 1 billion.

If we recall the history of bitcoin, then we can assume that the statement of Björn Straustrup is 378 in a row, among those that predict the death of the first cryptocurrency. Prior to that, in September of that year, assumptions were also raised about the disappearance of bitcoin from the cryptocurrency market.

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11 Nov, 2019 12:01