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Title: Ideas for Business in Social Media
Post by: ElenaS019 on May 19, 2019, 12:13:15 am

All of us would like to become rich. There are plenty ways for earnings, and everyone uses his own methods. Now we are going to tell you about some ways to make money in social media that have become part and parcel of our life.

1. Telegram channel
Different channels in Telegram are becoming more and more popular nowadays. To promote a channel in this social network is rather easy, and you can make a lot of money. Profile with 10 000 people is quite enough to earn on commercials every month an adequate sum.   
2.  Instagram’s profiles designs
Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. People are ready to pay a lot of money for their profile’s design. If you are a good designer, you can make it by yourself, but if you can’t design profiles, you can find experienced people on different freelance platforms.

3. Groups for sale
To promote a group in social media is quite easy, but some people don’t want to make it themselves. They are ready to buy prepared groups. The plan is simple; you gain a definite number of subscribers and sell the group on any exchange for a large sum of money. Remember, the more subscribers you have, the higher is the price of the group.

4. Becoming a celebrity
Almost everyone would like to become famous. So you can create a profile in any social network, promote it and then you can make money. Youtube channel will also be very profitable. Advertisers pay to  bloggers ( large amounts of money and bloggers tell to their audience about a product of a certain company instead. Both advertisers and bloggers are pleased with this scheme.
5. Making mobile games
It is one of the most profitable variants of earnings nowadays. It is only necessary to learn a little about programming, and you will have money to burn. How can you earn on applications for Android? Firstly, create an application itself. It doesn’t matter, what it will be: a game, a text editor or a calendar. Everything will suit. Secondly, download the application to the App store or to Google Play. To make money you need to insert an advertisement into a game and the more people will download it; the larger sum of money will arrive at your account.

These are 5 ideas for business in social media, and none of them requires investments, so anyone can try to realize them. Before starting your business, think over the chosen variant carefully. If it really suits you, then you’ll definitely succeed.

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Title: Re: Ideas for Business in Social Media
Post by: lizaromanova on October 09, 2019, 12:11:27 pm
This is a great tip. Now almost all young people make money with the help of instagram and telegram.