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Do you often notice that you are making 1000 and 1 tasks per day but at the end of it you feel depressed because it seems you haven’t made real progress in anything? Your day mostly depends on time and the way you distribute it but this article is not about planning, it is about some advice that will help you during the day.

1. Go to bed earlier
No matter how trite it would sound, but the way we finish our day will determine the way we’ll start tomorrow. It’s better to go to sleep earlier and to give yourself a longer rest. But what can be done with the tasks that were planned for the evening? Let’s slip to the second point.

2. Get up earlier for an hour
Though it seems difficult, but the first hour determines your spirit for the whole day. Thus, if you get up 20 minutes before going out, you are getting ready in a hurry, don’t have time for awakening, and the whole day is going not according to your plan. And if you get up earlier for an hour, you can slug in the bed and to do all necessary things.

3. If you travel by public transport, don’t waste your time
 Is it common for you to spend about 40 minutes in social networks while you are going to work or to classes? But it’s absolutely unproductive! You can watch an educational video, read a book or listen to a podcast on topics that you are interested in. It will set your mood for the whole day.

4. Don’t dwell upon a task
If you are failing to do something during the day and you’ve been sitting for two hours already without any ideas what to do, change the activity! Then you’ll come back to work with new forces and fulfill the task.
5. Five-minute rule
All of us have some tasks that you don’t want to do at all. Either you can’t pull yourself together, or you haven’t enough time, or have other things to do. But the decision exists! Use the five-minute rule. All you need to do is to tell yourself to sit down and to fulfill this task for five minutes. Eventually you will get involved most often and you’ll make the task to the end. If you can’t force yourself to start at all, then you are overstrained and you need to rest.

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19 May, 2019 00:02

It is right to lie down and wake up in time. But when there is a lot of work, doing this is very rare dream.

09 Oct, 2019 11:48